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Asda Story Europe - Official Site CLOSED

AsdaLegends - New AsdaStory Server

Asda Story US - Official Site

Asda Story BR - Official Site

Asda Story Forums - Official Forums

MMOKidz - Fan Site BR

AsdaBrasil - 1° Fan Site BR ( COMPLETO)

RealmGuardians Clan/Fan Site Forums, Guides and the top 100 list !

(x)Asda Dream - Fan Site

(x) - Fan Site

(x)Asda Story | ioMMO - Game Database

(x) - Item/Monster/Quest Database

Adept and Adeptist's Awesome Skill Simulator - Skill Simulator/Planner for Asda Story, and blog site.

BurningSoul Forum - BurningSoul Clan forum and Asda Community!

Clan DarkLight - Official Darklight Clan Site - Arabic Fansite

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