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The First Profession is obtained at Level 5, Second Profession obtained at Level 24, and the Third Profession obtained at Level 40.


One-Handed Sword Warriors - Shield of Iron WallEdit

It boasts the greatest defense power. Since it can induce combo skills easily, grouping with crossbow archers or spear warriors who have high additional damage percentage will make the perfect combination.

This skill tree has assaulting skills to instantly shorten the distance with the enemy attacking from afar. Most of these skills also have the added bonus of being able to and knock them out.

The One-Handed Sword Warrior was designed to play the tanker role in a party thanks to its party buffs including attack percentage and defense buff.

Spear Warriors - Raging WarriorsEdit

The Berserker/Spear Warrior is specialized in attack.&nbsp What they lack unlike the Two-Handed Sword Warrior, they are not suitable as a tank, and may often have a hard time finding parties.

Two-Handed Sword Warriors - Ultimate SurvivalEdit

These warriors handle a very heavy two-handed sword which deals a very powerful blow. Specialized in mass skills, they can be the most dreadful threat in a battle thanks to their defense-destructive and grenade throwing capability which disregards the defense capability.

This class can move with very high speed and deal a critical hit to the enemy. They possess reflection skills which reflect the enemy attacks, and boast mostly passive skills and long buff remaining time.

The Two-Handed Sword Warrior is a must for parties that run into multiple mobs, as the One-handed Sword Warrior will have a hard time keeping aggro off of each individual party member.

High recommendable to gamers who are bothered to play with their keyboards!


Crossbow Archers - Dragon SlayerEdit

They have the highest instant damage capability. Relying heavily on skills, their actual Crossbow damage is not as high as the other archers.

They have the highest physical strength among archers, and can be a fatal threat to mages thanks to their magic immune skills as well as their many types of stuns.

Bow Archers - Attack of an ArcherEdit

They can be a counter-power against warriors. Their DOT skills and rope skills which tie the feet of warriors are powerful enough to threaten the warriors. Plus, their buff skills, Wind Walk, can be a difficult obstacle for warriors who are specialized in close-range battles.

They are designed to play a role as a damage dealer in a party.

Ballista Archers - Soul of a Noted BowEdit

Ballista archers are the most warrior-like archers, carrying a heavy ballista. Their move is simple and slow, but deals a powerful blow.

Boasting the highest mass skills among archers, they are perfect for long-distance attack.

They possess high defense and stun resistance, and will not be affected by rope skills from bow archers, making them perfect for the battle against archers.


Hell Fire Mage - The DestroyerEdit

The Hell Fire Destructive tree is comprised of fire and shadow attacks including DOT's and mass skills. In order to make a mage with aggressive fire and shadow, skills from Hell of fire are useful.

Heavenly Light Mage - The RestorerEdit

Light of heaven, recovery tree, is comprised of attributes of light and climate, which include various healing skills. It also boasts outstanding mages with damages skills such as Storm, Lightening or Thunder. In order to become a main healer in a party, a lot of Light of heaven skills are required.

Flooded Land Mage - The ProtectorEdit

Overflow of land, protection tree, is comprised of attribute of land and water, which includes buff skills and shielding-related skills. They can play a role of a buff or a mezzer in a party by using mass frost or mass stun.