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Sowel is the combination of Soul and Jewel which players can gain during their adventures in the Asda world.

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Sowels can be divided into two categories, Main and Option, both of which fit into their respected slots.
Main sowels come already slotted into the weapons and armor upon pick-up, but can also be bought from the sowel vendor. Option sowels can also be found slotted into the items, though the odds of finding armor or weapons with them are slim at best. Option sowels can be found by looting, Boosters, and can also be bought from the sowel vender.

Sowel's offer an even higher level of customization to the many weapons and armor that populate the ASDA world.

Sowel combination

1. Possible sowels will be displayed when clicking the Weapon or Armor you wish to combine a sowel.

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2. A sowel will be combined to the selected weapon or armor by double clicking or dragging the sowel. Basic sowels can be loaded to the upper center of socket, and option sowels to the rest of the location of socket.

[ Option sowel combination ]

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Direction of information output:

By showing the loading and unloading process of sowel step by step, we will enhance the users' understanding.

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Sowels are categorized by ranks and types.

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Basic sowels will increase attack of weapon, defense of armor and blocking rate of shields, and option sowels will increase characters' stat. Sowel rank

Sowel can be divided into basic and option, and ranked as common, uncommon and rare.

CapabilityBasic Capability10% increase25% increase
Shape BasicUnique

Type of Sowel

Direction of information output :  The description about sowel will be displayed to show the sowel information in order, and show respective sowels categorized as common, uncommon and rare.

Item nameTypeLocation Description
AACommonMainAA is AA
BBCommonMainBB is BB.
CCCommonMainCC is CC.
DDCommonMainDD is DD.

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A penalty will be charged when an item is loaded with several option sowels with the same capability points. This penalty will only be applied to option sowels, not basic ones. The priority is as follows:

Weapon > Coat > Pants > Helmet > Shoes > Gloves

A total of 18 sowels including 1 basic sowel each and upto 3 option sowels each are allowed.

According to the following checkup order, the same type of sowels will be marked.

For example, in case of loading 3 sowels into the weapon with 100 power, 2 sowels into the coat with 50 power, and 1 sowel into pants with 100 power, 2 out of 3 sowels in the weapon will have 100 power each, and the rest only 80% of 100, which results in as 200*1.00 + 100*0.8 = 280

1 out of 2 sowels in the coat will have 80% of power 50, and the other sowel will have 60% only, which results in as 50*0.8 + 50*0.6 = 70.

Sowel in pants with 100 power will have only 60%, which results in as 100*0.6 = 60.

In overall, a total of 410 power will be applied.