Study the Witcheryder of Light is a skill in the Heavenly Light skill tree of the Mage class.

Skill Description: Increase the light damage by enhancing your light for x. If you enhance this skill, your healing/recovery spell ability will be increased.
Required job: First Job
Required points: 15 points in Heavenly Light
Skill type: Passive Skill
1 6
2 12
3 18
4 24
5 30

A passive skill which increases the effects of both healing and recovery spells.

Because Light adds a percentage of your heal, rather than a base number (+healing gear), this spell is a must for all healers.

Essentially it takes a base heal (such as Advanced Healing ) and increases it by a certain %.

The Formula for light: +1 light = 0.3% added to that heal

[ex] lvl 2 Advanced Healing heals for 6000 hp. lvl 5 Study the Witcheryder of Light adds 9% of that heal to that heal.

9% of 6000= 540 (equivalent of +540 to healing)

6000 + 540 = 6540 HP being healed.